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IT Services Ontario

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it services in ontario

CTSIT provides IT services in Ontario.

Our premium service and support option is a fully managed solution to the common issues of modern office environments. A contract with CTSIT ensures predictable, reliable service with proactive controls in place to ensure the best possible standards are met for your business environment.

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Contact us today for a no-obligation review of your business environment with Bill Dungey, our technical lead.

Systems and Support

We are partnered with national distributors to provide our clients with access to reliable, professional hardware. Backed with industry-leading warranty, our desktops, servers and network appliances, we're ready to deploy.

Cloud Services

At a colocated data facility, our servers provide access to hosted e-mail, offsite backups and cybersecurity software. Our cloud-hosted services are affordable tough - ready to enable your business to make things better.

Network Security

With a comprehensive toolset and continuous understanding of the threat landscape, our team is equipped with fresh ideas and a full stack of options to help you protect your crucial data. We also provide free user training for managed clients.


For your new office, we are fully equipped to pre-wire your facility with the framework for a robust network. From design to execution, we're available for the hard work required to get all of you blinky lights online and keep them that way.

We don’t make messes, we fix them.

Your approach should have layers.

We can help with that.

Small and medium businesses are often left out of the conversation when it comes to cybersecurity. We endorse the advice issued by the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity and fully believe we can provide manageable, affordable answers to the technical controls presented in the Baseline Cybersecurity Controls framework.

In an effort to help protect small businesses from the same threat landscape that affects larger industry, we openly offer free in-person cybersecurity training for small and medium businesses in our area.

Our stack is built on an understanding of business processes that are vulnerable to risk. Using reliable backups, hardy system design and continuous monitoring, we aspire to keep your IT assets alive. Making things better is how we do it.

Big Enough, Small Enough.

CTSIT was started as a family business. Since then, we've brought new technicians into the fold and have grown to service businesses all over the province. Our basic ideals are simple; provide lasting, concrete, technical solutions. We believe in making things better.

We're invested in tech, too. Our technicians proudly endeavour to constantly work on their skills, both through lifelong learning and practical, lab-tested new systems. When we bring you something new, you can trust that it's been through our testing processes. Our technicians stand behind the products we provide. From cleaning up our jobsite to ensuring your firewall is secure, our entire operation is organized and disciplined.

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We maintain a 4 hour reaction time as a matter of policy. Don't wait for your support staff for days on end - with CTSIT, all-in technology solutions are one phone call away. With proven industry relationships, we can expedite your concerns and get your equipment back online.

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Services at a Glance

Support: One of the main components of our approach to supporting business IT needs is in keeping your assets online. With an automated, online support ticket system, our tasks are trackable and quantifiable.

Installation: We build systems, configure networks and run our own wire for new offices. Our unique, all-in approach to supporting our clientelle is affordable and trustworthy.

Cloud: We host encrypted offsite backups, web-portal email and managed anti-virus. Our online services are top notch and backed by industry standard infrastructure, hosted in a colocated data centre.