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7x24 Support

Our staff are empowered by an online ticketing system to help track support issues over time.

Cloud Power

We host e-mail, offsite backups, remote management and security from the cloud and have a dedicated team to manage your data.


We're partnered with national distribution centers to bring meaningful hardware to your environment.

1 877-805-4098

Brantford, Ontario


Complete Technology Solutions

IT Support

Our team is ready to respond. We've built industry relationships to help power your organization for the future.

Hosted Services

Imagine having one company to call for all of your technical needs. Email, backups, security. We host it all.

Proven Hardware

We've partnered with DELL to provide all of our clients with access to award-winning workstations and powerful server hardware.

Response Time

Outages hinge on fast action. Our online ticket system allows our clients to connect directly with the technician assigned to the issue.

What we do

Our work is predicated on making things better.

Our company is built on a couple key principles. We believe in integrity. We are open and transparent – even when it’s inconvenient to be.

We are disciplined. We produce reliable outcomes.

We build a culture of ownership. We educate end users to keep everyone safe and efficient.

Reliable IT.

On these foundations, we have a simple, cohesive mission statement.

“Make things better” is a statement of active progression. We base our company’s actions on this single idea. Whatever we’re doing, in whatever customer environment we’re doing it in, we are working to make things better.

CTSIT provides IT services in Ontario.

Our premium service and support option is a fully managed solution to the common issues of modern office environments. A contract with CTSIT ensures predictable, reliable service with proactive controls in place to ensure the best possible standards are met for your business environment.

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We help make things better - that's our bottom line.


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