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it services in ontario

CTSIT provides IT services in Ontario.

Our premium service and support option is a fully managed solution to the common issues of modern office environments.

A contract with CTSIT ensures predictable, reliable service with proactive controls in place to ensure the best possible standards are met for your business environment.

Explore what better feels like.

Contact us today for a no-obligation review of your business environment with Bill Dungey, our technical lead.


We don’t make messes, we fix them.

Your approach should have layers.

We can help with that.

Small and medium businesses are often left out of the conversation when it comes to cybersecurity. We endorse the advice issued by the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity and fully believe we can provide manageable, affordable answers to the technical controls presented in the Baseline Cybersecurity Controls framework.

In an effort to help protect small businesses from the same threat landscape that affects larger industry, we openly offer free in-person cybersecurity training for small and medium businesses in our area.

Our stack is built on an understanding of business processes that are vulnerable to risk. Using reliable backups, hardy system design and continuous monitoring, we aspire to keep your IT assets alive. Making things better is how we do it.