Protect your data with offsite backups.

We make backups better.

Our managed backup services take on the responsibility of performing nightly backups to a secured data facility. Reliable, stable backups mean knowing your organization is safe.

Canadian Based Servers and Support

Our team is located in Ontario, Canada – our infrastructure is too. Organizations depend on low-latency, high-value technology to thrive in a marketplace as challenging as we’re seeing today. Our data facility has been purpose built to drive large volumes of traffic to safe storage – your nightly backup is safe and sound in our storage arrays.

3-2-1 – The Industry Standard

Your business should have 3 copies of your mission critical data in 2 physical locations with 1 of those locations being off-site.

And no, that doesn’t mean the old blue Passport plugged into the back of your server is good enough.

An article from our blog lists some valuable insight into the common rule for storing backups. To learn more about our backup strategy, contact us.

Available Technologies

[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-server circle-wrap” size=”1.5em”]  Managed Offsite Storage

Nightly encrypted backups with included support contracts ensure data confidentiality and availability. Your data is safe with us.

[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-download circle-wrap” size=”1.5em”] Managed Onsite Appliance

Our Partnership with Buffalo places a managed TeraStation NAS in your office to provide quicker restore times and a second dataset for added redundancy.

Industry Tested Backups

There’s no reason to hope your business is protected. Know the difference with backup strategy by CTSIT.