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Where We Started

More than a decade ago, Cliff Dungey started to use his extensive experiences as an IT expert to start a little company called Backupserver out of his garage.

With a pair of servers that managed offsite backups for local small businesses, Cliff gradually took on more responsibility before becoming the go-to IT technician for a couple nearby dental offices. Cliff eventually became more familiar with the needs of small business owners through helping offices through tech-crises and, with the help of industry relationships he built from interactions in times of need, established Backupserver as a long-standing, trusted name name in the area.

From humble roots as an IT provider born, like most tech companies, out of the mind of an engaged, motivated individual, CTS has grown to service companies across the province.

Where We Are Today

Backupserver would grow to need more technicians, working to help the many clients that subscribed to the company’s services that continued to expand.

When Cliff’s vision of providing a secure, reliable backup service expanded to include onsite support, email hosting and infrastructure installs, a new brand name emerged to represent the inclusive MSP business model that Backupserver was growing into. CTS – Complete Technology Solutions – is founded on the ideals of helping businesses become more hardened to the threatening tech landscape while keeping true to the root of what brings us together.

People, using advanced technology to do awesome work – and we want to help make things better.

Big Enough, Small Enough.

CTSIT was started as a family business. Since then, we've brought new technicians into the fold and have grown to service businesses all over the province. Our basic ideals are simple; provide lasting, concrete, technical solutions. We believe in making things better.

We're invested in tech, too. Our technicians proudly endeavour to constantly work on their skills, both through lifelong learning and practical, lab-tested new systems. When we bring you something new, you can trust that it's been through our testing processes. Our technicians stand behind the products we provide. From cleaning up our jobsite to ensuring your firewall is secure, our entire operation is organized and disciplined.

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We maintain a 4 hour reaction time as a matter of policy. Don't wait for your support staff for days on end - with CTSIT, all-in technology solutions are one phone call away. With proven industry relationships, we can expedite your concerns and get your equipment back online.

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Services at a Glance

Support: One of the main components of our approach to supporting business IT needs is in keeping your assets online. With an automated, online support ticket system, our tasks are trackable and quantifiable.

Installation: We build systems, configure networks and run our own wire for new offices. Our unique, all-in approach to supporting our clientelle is affordable and trustworthy.

Cloud: We host encrypted offsite backups, web-portal email and managed anti-virus. Our online services are top notch and backed by industry standard infrastructure, hosted in a colocated data centre.