Our company is built on a couple key principles. We believe in integrity. We are open and transparent – even when it’s inconvenient to be. We are disciplined. We produce reliable outcomes. We build a culture of ownership. We educate end users to keep everyone safe and efficient. On these foundations, we have a simple, cohesive mission statement.

“Make things better” is a statement of active progression. We base our company’s actions on this single idea. Whatever we’re doing, in whatever customer environment we’re doing it in, we are working to make things better.




Cliff started the company back when the internet was a ‘fad’. Since then, he’s spent time floating around the lake at his northern escape and chasing his grandson. Cliff saw a gap in the computer services of local businesses and, as only a true entrepreneur would, risked a ‘regular job’ to start a business.

Cliff brings a unique personality to the business along with daily phone pictures of his pride and joy – Stuart, his gruff little spaniel.

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Owner / Morning Person



IT Manager / Professional Nerd

Besides tech, Bill enjoys spending time on the mats – he’s completely obsessed with Jiu Jitsu. Between engaging in general nerdery and family time, Bill likes to get away from screens and spend time on the trails, too. He’s proud to show off his collection of historical military stuff and his old podcast projects.

When not putting hours into gaming, Bill is focused on living a healthy lifestyle and chasing whimsy.

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Hailing from Cape Breton Island, Layton immerses himself in sports culture and cottage trips. He enjoys spending time traveling, catching up on the latest MMA bouts and attending concerts. Layton brings the latest UFC highlight reel finishes and skate video parts to our morning scrum.

Layton has an unshaken track record for suggesting worthwhile media – oh yeah, and he fixes tech stuff real well too.

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Senior Tech / G



Senior Tech / Habitual Hobbiest

Troy is a family man first. Between keeping up on the books he’s loaded onto his e-reader and watching serialized shows, Troy strives to better himself by surrounding himself with media that furthers his goals.

In our morning meeting, Troy is the guy that laughs the loudest.


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